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Podrobný seznam oprav v aktualizacích MicroStation 8.5


179839Linestyles referenced into the active file appear with incorrect linestyle scale if scale linestyles is toggled on for the reference.
178711File specific. When using the MicroStation to preview/plot rasters attached through Raster Manager, MicroStation locks up. Users must End Task to get out of MicroStation.
178340Active Shx Big Font is lost when refreshing the text style after compressing the file.
178333Invalid text is shown when the mouse pointer locates Traditional Chinese text in a reference.
178331In a reference file, the width of Traditional Chinese text gets shorter.
176846(test case specific). MicroStation hangs when one previews or plots from the Iplot dialog. (Test case is a DGN file with Excel spread sheet attached that has a clip boundary defined in the reference file.)
175672A recent change in 8.5.2 hidden line code is causing elements which should appear as hidden to display as visible when using TriForma's Drawing Extraction Manager.
174152Out of scale DWG line types result if they are imported in a model with units that differ from default model.
174086(Test case specific) Custom MicroStation font characters do not display properly in the Word Processor.
173166If the command window is used and docked and the application window is moved, the command window increases in size.
172401(Test case specific) Generating True Hidden Line hangs MicroStation and creates exception log.
171995DWG patterns and priorities causing a delay when creating the plot ready file.
171019(8.5.2) Reference ByLevelStyle is not synchronizing correctly in the active file when ms_level_auto_synch_attribute_list is set to ByLevelSymbology.
169790(test case specific) Line style in reference file does not display if drawn bylevel.
161215(test case specific) Section of reference file fails to plot to pscript.plt. Preview looks good. Plotting to other formats or PDF.PLT work.
160514(test case specific) Section of reference file that is boundary clipped fails to plot to pscript.plt. Preview looks good. Plotting to other formats or PDF.PLT work.
158327Changing the Annotation Scale by key-in causes leader lines to shift on notes.
158239Crash in mdlDialog_menuBarAddAppMenu when running in non-graphics mode.
158068(data specific) Dimensions created in MicroStation v8.1 are not displaying properly in v8.5.
148250mdlSystem_updateGraphicGroup example defines a unsigned long as return variable value instead of integer.
147337The Copy and Increment tool does not work when trying to copy/increment 9 to 10.
141304No Arabic font support for MicroStation fonts.
138767Certain characters in TTFs that used to become cells with group holes now just drop to complex elements and lose the fill capability.
138399(Data specific) Level Manager problem, levels disappear after adding 3 levels and reopening the file.
137468Save a reference file with tags to DWG, when the reference file is merged to cell in the save as command, the tags are stripped from the file.
134367SAT exporter cannot handle ACAD elements with thickness to be converted to surfaces during export.
130062Level settings are not kept when reference file is replaced by new file with the same name with extra levels.
127875The underline space percentage setting appears to have no bearing on the spacing of text and the underline.
122754Adding a carriage return to a line of text with a stacked fraction in it, using the Word Processor adds returns before and after the fraction.


208238The Compress option, “Delete Text Elements Containing Only Spaces” , no longer strips out Tabs, Carriage Returns or New Lines.
Pozn.: A nejen to. Ve specifických případech může dojít i k odstranění textu. Podívejte se na podrobnosti a řešení 
206582 &
Addition of "PrintOptionalContent" command name to pdf.plt.
206348 &
Auto Stacked Fraction scale is not being respected when editing text.
166961 &
Corrected crash that occurred when opening Step Import Settings.
228849Crash addressed in GUI items when access string is NULL or invalid.
228470Memory issue with Exporting to U3D was corrected.
227571Isolated case where cells were not saved to DWG from DGN was corrected.
223799Level comparison in the pen table element selection criteria for levels that do not exsist on the files being plotted cause a longer than expected delay in plot generation.
212494XML API fix.
208713MicroStation does not support a direct connection to Personal Oracle 9i.
206569Vertical Fraction does not display correctly.
206493Performance issues with raster display corrected.
203410Corrected slow performance when registering a specific dataset.
203406Incorrect resampling results when registering a specific TIF file.
202499Polish characters from the RSC font library are not converted properly in the Word Processor.
202423When exporting to Google Earth, raster files should maintain the transparency created by Raster Manager.
201704Frozen Levels in DWG reference files are no longer displayed.
199266Reference level display is incorrect when saving to DWG and selecting a view to define level display.
198607DWG file has MTEXT that does not display the same way in MicroStation as it does in AutoCAD.
197888Display issue with Font 024 corrected in the Word Processor.
197884Placing certain text using the Engineering/Standard fonts will cause display issues on the left side of the Word Processor.
197439Saving a DWG with References that have display turned off in the sheet model is not displaying correctly.
196004Auto Stacked Fractions do not shrink to the default 70% of the active text height and width.
195737Saving to a .kmz file with a Japanese file name results in error.
195692Exporting to Google Earth from a DGN created using a CJKV MicroStation will create an unreadable file.
195679Batch converting a DWG to V7 DGN file from the command line results in V7 file that will not open in MS/J.
194930The OLEDB connection does not support SQL statements that exceed 1024 characters.
192070Issue with specific double-byte level name not appearing was addressed.
145032A V7 dgn on a network drive, opened in V-/V7 workmode, loses data after a File Save and a network disruption.
123099When changing override color of reference level, the compound line styles that contain a point symbol are not reflecting the override color for the point symbol.
118120Contrast settings are not stored in v2.4 PRJ files.
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